About Romania

    Romania is one of the best places for bees and human beings to live together…
Herodotus, the famous ancient Greek historian, wrote in one of his works (“The Histories”, Book 5): “According to the Thracians, all the land beyond the Ister is full of bees, and that by reason of these none can travel there“.

    The reason why the land above Ister, the actual Danube river (the largest river of Europe) was “occupied” by bees is the presence of all conditions necessary to the bees to be happy: lots of different flowers (bee plants and medicinal bee plants), enough water, mild temperatures, good protection against aggressive climatic factors given by the Carpathian mountains.

   Despite the advancement of “industrial” agriculture, Romania still has many thousands of hectares of land where wild bee plants are thriving; this explains the large variety of beehive products that the Romanian beekeepers are collecting.
Romanians are very welcoming citizens, offering the best they have to their visitors.

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