Useful Tips

where can i buy real viagra Here are some tips to make your visit to Romania a memorable one.

go site cialis usa As soon as possible: * reserve your seat in the Symposium, as a regular participant, as an accompanying person or as a speaker/author, well in advance, to avoid any stress;

follow * reserve your room in the nearby hotels, also to avoid any accommodation related stress;
be aware that Sibiu is a highly visited city, by tourists from all over the world, so reserving in due time your room in a nearby hotel/motel is a must! * if you are not a regular English speaker, take intensive lessons of English, especially of the spoken English; check Youtube first, for many useful videos, but best is to have a personal English teacher…

generic viagra for cheap 2-3 days before you travel to Romania:

furosemide versus lasix * check the weather from Romania (Sibiu);

where to buy now cialis tablets * sleep a lot before you travel; * eat less and drink more (water!) during your travel;

Buy generic clomid 100mg * buy a new memory (USB) stick with at least 8 GBytes of free space; you will have a lot of photos and videos to save for later use;

* if you are one of our speakers, bring your laptop with you, to make “last minute” changes in your PowerPoint that will impress everybody;

* bring a good digital camera or a modern mobile phone camera, to take many memorable photos;

* do not forget to bring with you your business cards, with its text translated in English;

* try to learn a few words in… Romanian language, to get smiles and sympathy from your future hosts, but also to understand better the Romanian words related to beekeeping and apitherapy…