Photo contest

Bees & Apitherapy Photo Contest (Sibiu 2018)

Category 1Bees on medicinal bee plants. A list of such plants, for your guidance, can be found here.

Category 2Simple Photos on various Apitherapy topics (e.g. use of propolis spray to treat a superficial wound)

Category 3Photo-Reportage, photo series, related to the treatment of a certain disease with beehive products  (photos before, during and after treatment).

For categories 1 and 2, each participant should send us up to 3 photos.

For category 3, up to 6 photos, are accepted.

Each photo must be sent in two copies:

First copy: in original (with maximum resolution), unsigned.
Second copy: in original, with the exact time when the photo was taken + the author’s name written in the bottom right of the photo (there are editing programs that allow you to write text over a photo).

The projection of the original (unsigned) photos and collecting the votes from the Congress participants will be made on Saturday afternoon, October 13th., in the conference room; the winners will be presented next day, at the end of the conference.

For organizational reasons, please send us the photos before or latest on October 10, to: +

The winning photos (with the authors’ signature on the photo) will be:

  • Posted on our websites: +;
  • Will be sent to the international Apitherapy-Lists (in English, German, Spanish-Portuguese, French, and Romanian)
  • Will be used in any situation where the promotion of medicinal beekeeping and apitherapy is needed