Cristina Pavel

Cristina Pavel

Vice-President of the Romanian Apitherapy Society






Current Position:

  • Licensed Family Medicine Practitioner, Api-Phyto-Aromatherapist, Acupuncturist, Homeopath – Private Medical Practice
  • Vice President of Romanian Apitherapy Society



– 2011: lecturer for Professional Higher Education on Apitherapy-Phytotherapy-Aromatherapy

– 2006, National Agency for Agricultural Consulting – Licensed Beekeeper

– 2000-2006 – licensed Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Api-phyto-aromatherapist

– 2000: Family Medicine Specialist

– 1996: licensed Physician, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr. T. Popa, Iassy, Romania


Professional experience:

– 2002-present: Private Medical Practice in General Medicine, Apitherapy, Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture; good results in neurological diseases (myelitis, neuralgia), rheumatology (arthritis, arthrosis), infectious (including viral) diseases, menstrual troubles, allergies, pain management, strange and unknown conditions, hard to diagnose and treat (desperate cases)

– 2014-2015: lecturer – apitherapy courses for license of Api-Phyto-Aromatherapy of National School for Public Health and Sanitary Management

– 2012-2013: coordinator of Research and Development Department of Santo Raphael Company – participated at ellaboration, promotion and clinical studies for several natural supplements.

– 2001-2013 – copywriter & content writer – different scientific texts, articles and advertising materials, claims for herbs and natural supplements for Santo Raphael Ltd Bucureşti.

– 2004-2005, 2013-2016, Bucureşti: lecturer on apitherapy and phytotherapy courses for:

– natural products shops’s sellers  (Raphael Infomed SRL, Raphael Distribution)

– therapist in complementary therapies (Centrul de Terapie Holistică Alfa)

– introduction into api-phyto-aromatherapy (Romanian Apitherapy Society)


Other Courses, Congresses and Symposia:

– February 2018, Erzurum, Turkey, Ataturk University – Lecturer of Apitherapy Course for medical professionals

– September 2017, Istanbul, Turkey – 45th APIMONDIA Congress

– March 2017, Ordu, Turkey, Institute for Beekeeping R&D – Lecturer of Apitherapy Symposium

– March 2017, Cluj Napoca, UMF, Aroma Armony – 1st Congress of Scientific Aromatherapy

– January 2017, Bucharest, Aroma Armony – Massage with Essential Oils

– November 2016, Fethiye-Mugla, Turkey, 5th International Mugla Beekeeping& Pine Honey Congress

– October 2016, Bucharest, Aroma Armony, IPAL IFA (Institut Français d’Aromatologie et de bien-etre en Luberon, Institut Français d’Aromatologie) – Aromatherapy in Dermatology

– September 2016, Cluj Napoca: The 7-th European Conference of Apidology (EURBEE 7)

– August 2016, Bucharest, Aroma Armony, IPAL IFA (Institut Français d’Aromatologie et de bien-etre en Luberon, Institut Français d’Aromatologie) – Aromatherapy in Pediatrics

– May 2016, Bucharest, Masterclass Aroma Armony, FLMNE, Prof. Dr. Pierre Franchomme – Hospital Pain Management with Aromatherapy

– November 2015, Marmaris, Turkey: International Apitherapy Symposium

– September 2015, Daejeon, South Korea, 44th APIMONDIA Congress

– May 2015, Bucharest, 7th Congress of Medical Association of Anti-Aging

– April 2015, Cluj-Napoca, course CARI Association Belgium, Etienne Bruneau – Sensory Analysis of Honey

– April 2015, Bucharest, 9th Congress of Romanian Medical Association

– March 2015, Bucharest, workshop Medical Association of Anti-Aging – Introduction into the Usage of Medical and Surgical Lasers 

– February 2015, Bucharest, Romanian Society for Internal Medicine – Symposium – Protocols in Autoimmune Diseases According to Integrative Medicine

– 2013/2014, Dorin Achim: courses of Music Therapy

– September 2014, 5-th Forum of Apitherapy and Apiquality of APIMONDIA, Erzurum, Turkey

– August 2014, Cluj-Napoca, CasaBio – Production of Royal Jelly

– April 2014, Piatra-Neamţ: Conference of Phytochemical Society of Europe – Phytochemicals in Medicine and Pharmacognosy

– 2010-2015, Romanian Association of Phytotherapist Physicians’s monthly meetings: presentations of clinical cases and natural supplements

– September 2013: presenting scientific papers at 43-th APIMONDIA Congress from Kiev, Ukraine

– 2010-present: presenting scientific papers at all the National Congresses of Romanian Association of Phytotherapist Physicians

– 2008-present: presenting scientific papers at all the National Congresses and Symposia of Romanian Apitherapy Society

– 2000-2014, Association for Promoting Unconventional Medicines, Romania: Ayurveda courses

– participated at Apimedica & Apiquality Forums, organized by APIMONDIA (International Federation of Beekeepers Associations), in Rome (2008), Ljubljana (2010) and Erzurum (2014)

– 2005-2012: presenting scientific papers at the International Congresses of German Apitherapy Society, Passau, Germany

– 2012: II-nd International Congress of Organisations of Integrative Medicine

– 2011, dr. Grigore Şeremet: courses of Leech Therapy

– 2011: participated at the International French-Romanian Symposium Melliferous Flora and Colony Collapse Disorder of Bees

– 2009, dr. Liana Mărginean (UMF Cluj-Napoca): course of diagnosis with Bioresonance devices

– 2006, dr. Sanjeev Sood (India): course Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda

– 2004-2005, Institute Francais Bucharest: Seminar of Psycho-Oncology

– 2004, Prof. Dr. Farm. Viorica Istudor, Dr. Hirofumi Naito, Dr. Ştefan Stângaciu: International Course of Apitherapy and Apipuncture
– 2000, prof. George Vithoulkas (Greece): courses of Classical Homeopathy

– 1998, Garry Prouty (US): Seminar of Psychotherapy Introduction to pre-Therapy

– 1998, dr. Gerhard Resch (Wien): Seminar of Homeopathy

– 1998: courses of Pedagogy


Presented Papers:


– 2017, 45-th APIMONDIA Congress, Istanbul, Turkey: oral presentation – Neuromyelitis Optica Successfully Treated with Apitherapy and Phytotherapy – Case Report

– 2016, 5th International Mugla Beekeeping & Pine Honey Congress, Fethiye-Oludeniz-Mugla, Turkey: oral presentation: Bee Venom for the Treatment of Circulatory Diseases – Case Studies

– 2016, 13th Asian Apicultural Conference, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: oral presentation: Bee Venom in Modern Medicine

– 2015, Marmaris, Turkey: oral presentation: Bee Venom in Modern Medicine; posters: 1) Bee Venom Therapy in Sinusitis – Clinical Experience; 2) New Case Report of Multiple Sclerosis, Treated Successfully With Api-Phyotherapy

– 2015, 44-th APIMONDIA Congress, Daejeon, South Korea: oral presentations: 1) Treatment of Neuralgia with Microdoses of Bee Venom; 2) Apitherapy for Rural Development (coauthor Dr. Stefan Stângaciu); 3) New Approach on Sensory Analysis of Honey, according to Ayurvedic Knowledge (coauthors Dr. Cristina Daniela Cîmpean, Assoc. Prof. Laura Stan) ; 4) Issues about Informational Quality of Bee Products As Evidenced by Sensitive Crystallization (coauthors Claudia Torok, Dr. Cristina Daniela Cîmpean, Cornel Hoţiu);  posters: 1) Bee Venom Therapy in Sinusitis – Clinical Experience; 2) New Case Report of Multiple Sclerosis, Treated Successfully With Api-Phyotherapy

– 2014, 5-th Forum of Apitherapy of APIMONDIA, Erzurum, Turkey: Bee Venom Therapy – Clinical Experience

– 2014, Conference of PSE (Phytochemical Society of Europe), Piatra-Neamţ: Clinical Cases of Recurrent Respiratory Infections at Children treated with Api-Phytotherapy

– 2013, 43-th APIMONDIA Congress, Kiev, Ukraine: oral presentation Bee Venom Therapy in Neurology – Case Reports; poster Iontophoresis with Bee Venom combined with Coloidal Gold for Rheumatic Conditions – Preliminary Studies (coauthor Eng. Paul Nădejde)

– 2005-2012, International Congresses of German Apitherapy Society, Passau, Germany: Relationships between the Medicinal Use of Bee Pollen and Ayurveda (Traditional Indian Medicine) (2005), Bee Pollen Therapy – Clinical Cases (2005), Honey in Ayurveda (2006), Cervical mielitis treated with Api-Phytotherapyclinical case (2009), Considerations on the Use of Apitherapy and Apipuncture in the Treatment of Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases (2010), Api-Phytotherapy Principles in Geriatry (2011), Api-Phytotherapy in Neurology – my clinical experience (2012)


National (Romanian Scientific Events)

– March 2017, First Aromatherapy Congress, Cluj Napoca – New Research on Therapeutic Potential of Pelargonium graveolens Essential Oil

– December 2016, Seminar of Christian Medicine, St. Irina Foundation of Palliative Care –Melotherapy for Human Health

– June 2015, Seminar of Christian Medicine, St. Irina Foundation of Palliative Care – Health with Bees – Remedies from God’s Pharmacy

– May 2015, Congress of Romanian Medical Association, Bucharest: Poster – Apitherapy in the Treatment of Complications of Diabetes Mellitus

– April 2015, Beekeeping Seminar RNDR, Cluj-Napoca: Advanced Sensory Analysis – a Quick and Economic Way to Determine Therapeutical Effects of Bee Products

– 2010-2012, Romanian Association of Phytotherapist Physicians’s monthly meetings: Principles of Ayurvedic Treatment in High Blood Pressure

– 2010-2016, Congresses of Romanian Association of Phytotherapist Physicians: Phytotherapy in viral hepatitis –clinical case (2010), Clinical Case of Cystic Mastosis treated with Phytotherapy (2011), Clinical Case of Metrorrhage and Uterine Fibroids treated with Phytotherapy (2012), Clinical Case of Atheromas of Carotid Arteries treated with Phytotherapy (2013), Clinical Case of Recurrent Pneumonia with Respiratory Failure treated with Api-Phytotherapy (2014), An Integrative Approach on Management of Autoimmune Diseases (2015), Clinical Case of Overactive Urinary Bladder treated with Api-Phytotherapy (2016; coauthor Dr. Cristina Daniela Cîmpean), Clinical Case of Atypical Meningioma with Multiple Recurrence treated with Phytotherapy (2016; coauthor Dr. Mariana Olingheru), Clinical Case of Cervical Dysplasia Treated with Phytotherapy (2017)

– 2007-2016, Romanian Apitherapy Society’s Congresses, Symposia, Meetings: Honey in Ayurveda (2007), Clinical Case of Cervical Mielitis treated with Apitherapy (2009), Legal Aspects on Authorising Drugs produced from Bee Venom (2009), Treatment of Inflammatory Rheumatism With Apitherapy and Apipuncture – Clinical Experience (2010), Comparison Between Clinical Effects of Four Samples of Bee Venom Creams (2011), Api-Phytotherapy in Neurological Diseases (2012, Arad), Api-Phytotherapy in Treatment of Myelitis (2012, Cluj-Napoca), Clinical Cases Treated with Apitherapy (2013, Summer Apitherapy School, Sibiu-Sălişte), Clinical Case of Cervico-Thoracal Mielitis treated with Api-Phytotherapy, Preliminary Experimental Studies on Iontophoresis with Bee Venom and Gold Nanoparticles in Rheumatic Diseases (2013, Bucureşti), Use of Bee Venom in Different Medical Specialities (2014, Iassy), Immune Stimulation with Bee Products (2014, Iassy), Apitherapy in ENT, Rheumatology, Neurology – Clinical Cases (2014, Braşov), Use of Honey, Pollen, Propolis and Bee Venom in Oncology (2014, Braşov; coauthors Dr. Cristina Mihaela Ghiciuc, Prof. Dr. Cătălina Elena Lupuşoru), Apitherapy and Rural Development in the World (2015, Iassy; coauthor Dr. Stefan Stangaciu), Treatment of Neuralgia with Microdoses of Bee Venom (2015, Iassy), Apitherapy in the Treatment of Circulatory Diseases – Case Studies (2016, Bucharest), Case Study – Vertigo in End-stage Kidney Disease Treated with Apitherapy (2016, Bucharest)

-2007, Body-Mind-Spirit Festival, Bucureşti: Natural Alternatives in the Treatment of Rheumatism

– 2006, Expozodiac Festival, Timişoara: Medicinal Herbs and Bee Products With Tonic, Revitalising and Aphrodisiac Properties

– 2006, Congress of Complementary Therapies, „Alfa” Holistic Therapies Center, Bucharest: Using of Medicinal Herbs for Detoxification of the Body

– 2005-2006, Expodiabet Symposium, Bucharest: Medicinal Herbs for the Treatment of Diabetes


Membership in Professional Associations:

– 2010: founder member of Romanian Association of Phytotherapist Physicians

– since 2007: member of the Board of Romanian Apitherapy Society (coordinator of Medical Department)

– since 2013: General Secretary (executive position) of Romanian Apitherapy Society

– since 1997: member of Romanian College of Physicians


Mass-Media Cooperation:

– aug. 2004-present: webmaster of, providing scientific information on api-phytotherapy

– invited speaker on several TV& radio channels (TVR International, Radio Antena Satelor, DigiTV, Antena3, Etno TV, Favorit, OTV, Realitatea, National TV, Senso, Euforia)

– interviews and articles on api-phytotherapy in different publications (Asul Verde, Click-sănătate; România Liberă, Jurnalul Naţional, Leacuri şi terapii, Mirabilys-magazin, Lumea misterelor)



– foreign languages: English – advanced level, French – medium level

– very good PC operation skills

– driving licence


Interested in:

– Alternative Therapies (Phytotherapy, Apitherapy, Acupuncture)

– Bee Venom Research

– Beekeeping, Melliferous Herbs, Honey Beverages

– Music and Sound Therapy

– Research and Development of new Therapies