Tour 1 (to Apidava, Blaj)

Tour 1: 
Sunday afternoon, October 14

Sibiu – Blaj (Apidava) – Sibiu

For more information, contact the Tour 1 Coordinator: Mrs. Alina Mates Ochis

APIDAVA is a leading company in honey processing and bottling in ROMANIA.
They are dealing with honey for 25 years, and they process around 2.500 tonnes/ year.

The factory from Blaj is 4.000 sqm for packing of honey in different packaging from a 15g blister to 950g, and a warehouse of 2.000 tonnes of raw honey collected from all over ROMANIA.

The company sells 50% to the internal market and 50% to export.

From 2013 the company started also their own production of api-cosmetic products for face and body, with a small artisanal production.

The Company has it’s own testing laboratory for Honey quality, and also the biggest warehouse for beekeeping equipment tools through the company APIS BLAJ.

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The tour will include:

–          Visiting of all Apidava facilities (production line, laboratory, beekeeping equipment store, Honey & Api-cosmetic store and testing of honey specialties from Romania): 1h tour

–          Visiting The Field of Liberty (Câmpia Libertatii) – a historical place in Romania.
In 1848, Câmpia Libertății in Blaj was where over 40,000 Romanians met to protest against  Transylvania becoming a part of Hungary, holding that the lands would be stolen from them.

–          Dinner in a local restaurant

The cost of this Tour is only 40 Euro and it covers all above activities, including the transportation.

In order to finalize your registration to our Tour 1, please read carefully all info from the page: Registration and then send us your registration form (click on the orange button “Register Here“) with the proof of your payment. We will be waiting for you also to our other events, like the Festive Dinner, and our Workshops.